Tekashi 6ix9ine is out for blood or at least some relevance. The rapper has been running amuck this past weekend following his Clubhouse conversation with Wack 100, 21 Savage, and several others. Though the majority of the discourse surrounded Wack’s threats to 21 Savage, there were a few moments where 6ix9ine was confronted about his decision to cooperate with authorities. At one point, 6ix9ine finally addressed flipping on Kooda B.

Kooda B Responds To 6ix9ine Claiming That He Told On Himself
Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images  

“If you read the article, Kooda B told on himself. Kooda B pointed out the shooter. I paid Kooda B to shoot at Chief Keef,” 6ix9ine admitted on the public forum. He eventually pulled up the article stating that Kooda B pleaded guilty to accepting money from 6ix9ine in exchange for shooting at Chief Keef. 

“He’s a rat. Kooda B’s a rat. He a street n***a, right?” Wack asked.


Though locked up, Kooda B called up a friend to relay his defense against the allegations that he cooperated with authorities. “Ayo, ayo, word to my mother. I’m not doing no back-and-forth thing. I don’t do the back-and-forth thing, you heard?” He said over the phone. “And I got my paperwork right now. I’m in the spot, Gucci. N***as know my body. Always good anywhere I go. My paperwork is good. Kooda B did not cooperate.”

Later on, he also denied being part of the gang. Check the clip out below.