Blueface has been an interesting artist to watch. Upon first entering the game, many were caught off-guard by his honking delivery and endearingly off-beat flow; while such qualities might have ensured failure for most, his charisma and crafty mind for amusing punchlines gave Blueface more longevity than expected.

Now, the west coast rapper has once again found his name trending, though thankfully it’s not because of any shenanigans stemming from the notorious “Blueface Mansion.” Not long ago, he delivered a verse over a remix to OG Bobby Billions and Mo3’s emotional “Outside,” which surprised listeners for a variety of reasons. For one, Blueface was touching on some genuinely powerful subject matter, a sense of vulnerability not often associated with the mischievous rabble-rouser. And two — perhaps the more notable observation — he was actually rapping on the beat. 

Blueface Wins Hearts With "On-Beat" Bars
Timothy Norris/WireImage/Getty Images

“I ain’t pray for these baguettes, I pray for better days,” he raps. “I ain’t pray for that new ’Vette, I’d rather have my dogs back/ Lord protect me with this Tec I ain’t pray for this Patek/ Remember the day I got the text/ Another fatherless child’/ Can’t act right ’cause they left him fatherless/No hood harder than fatherhood/ Who gon’ teach your son to go farther than father did, all these kids raising all these kids.” 

Many were quick to show their appreciation for Blueface’s verse on social media, leading to the rapper enjoying a brief spell as a trending topic. Though many seemed caught off guard by the rapper’s long-awaited discovery of the beat, fans were quick to point out that this isn’t exactly new territory for Bleedem, who has been steadily improving in the flow department. Check out some of the reactions below, and sound off if you’re enjoying Blueface’s new direction.