Usher's Ex Tameka Foster Rejects Gold-Digger Claims, Talks Wendy Williams Cruelty

The talk show host was reportedly particularly critical of Foster during her relationship and marriage to Usher.

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With the release of her new book has come several revelations from Tameka Foster. Her memoir, Here I Stand... in a Beautiful State, details her life's journey through tragedy and triumphs. She candidly speaks about the untimely death of her 11-year-old son Kile Glover back in 2012, as well as sharing a bit about her marriage to Usher, a union that lasted from 2007 to 2009. The former couple shares two sons.

During a previous interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Foster revealed that she once caught Usher canoodling with another woman, and more recently, she told Page Six that those accusations of being a gold-digger are unfounded.

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“The truth is, I really, really loved my husband,” said Foster. “It wasn’t bullsh*t. It wasn’t gold-digging. I always said that I took a pay cut when I married him." Foster was Usher's stylist, but she had also worked with the likes of Toni Braxton, Lauryn Hill, and Jay-Z. During her relationship with the award-winning singer, Foster felt the wrath of the public and was regularly ridiculed, especially by Wendy Williams.

“It hurt me really badly,” she added. “I think she really had pegged me wrong and she just ran with it; it was great clickbait. I was like low-hanging fruit for her to fight. And what I know about celebrities is...celebrities are always the person that’s favored. And I’m the underdog. I was a nobody, it’s easy to pick on me. I don’t have a big team that’s gonna be able to ever hit back.”

There were reportedly rumors about how much money Foster received in her divorce from Usher, and while she wouldn't detail the number, she revealed that it wasn't the millions that people accused her of being awarded. "Not very much money at all...less than a million dollars."

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