It was a great night for Hip Hop earlier this week when The LOX and Dipset joined together for Verzuz. The two collectives brought fans some of their greatest hits and proved that top-tier lyricism is a mainstay in the culture. Hundreds of thousands of fans watched at any given time as the groups went bar-for-bar while teasing one another, and in the end, Jadakiss reigned supreme for not only his delivery but his dedication to the performance.

Everyone involved received applause and next up is a tour with The LOX and Dipset, and while there were several memorable moments, Jim Jones allegedly falling off the stage stole attention.

<a href="/profile/JimJones" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Jim Jones</a> Denies Falling Off Stage During "Verzuz": "I Dove!"
Mike Stobe / Stringer / Getty Images

We shared the video of the viral moment and now, Jones has returned to deny that he accidentally took a tumble. “For the record, I did not fall off the stage,” he said in a video. “My ring flew off my hand and I dove off that motherf*cker head first like I was going swimming. I dove! I didn’t fall.” He couldn’t help but laugh at himself as he recalled the unfortunate moment.

Watch Jim Jones explain himself and check out his stagedive below.–U4LsWE