Some of YK Osiris’s peers have him feeling heated and it sounds as if some of them have been making false promises. If you ask entertainers from any facet of the industry, they will let you know that finding true friendships is a difficult task. Instead, entertainers and artists have learned the art of networking and keeping industry friendships, but that is something that Osiris is tired of navigating.

On Thursday (August 5), a video of the singer went viral and in it, he laments over people who continue to ask to link with him in the studio even though they’ve talked about it numerous times in the past. “N*ggas be so fake, bruh. This is why I don’t be f*ckin wit n*ggas,” he said.

YK Osiris Calls Out Artists Acting "Fake" & Pretending To Want To Collaborate
Gabe Ginsberg / Stringer / Getty Images

“This is why I don’t be friendly,” Osiris continued. “Artists have the same line, this one line: ‘What’s your number, when we gon’ lock-in?’ N*gga I gave you my number a hundred thousand times, n*gga! We not lockin’ in! Like, n*gga stop askin’ for my number every time you see me! Like we never met! And they be like, ‘When you droppin’ some more music?’ N*gga you don’t give a f*ck! Why you care?!

“N*ggas crazy, bro. It be the same line every time you see them. Same smile. Same fake smile. N*gga! Get on. Let’s say ‘hey’ and ‘bye.’ If you wanna f*ck wit’ somebody, you gon’ f*ck wit’ ’em.”

Earlier this year, Osiris was “locked-in” with Hitmaka and Lil Tjay as they shared videos of the trio in the studio. We’re sure that YK Osiris will get the calls that he hopes for, but in the meantime, check out his video below.