People Think Famous Dex Is Back On Drugs In New Video

Famous Dex posted a video looking out of it while slurring his words and people think he's back on drugs.

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Famous Dex hasn't had a great go at things over the last few years. The Rich Forever rapper checked into a rehabilitation center for substance abuse problems late last year. He received support from many of his peers within the music industry, including his label boss Rich The Kid, before returning home a month later. While it appeared as though he was implementing healthy habits into his everyday life, people believe that Famous Dex may already be spiraling out of control again after he posted a video of himself slurring his words and looking out of it.

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Following a terrible week for the "Japan" rapper, who was robbed at gunpoint and arrested several days afterward for possession of a firearm, Dexter is sparking even more concern for a video in which he asks his followers to come through and braid his hair. His request isn't the issue-- it's the manner in which he asks for help.

In the video, which has been reposted by outlets including DJ Akademiks, Famous Dex slurred through his sentences and asked someone to come and braid his hair. "If you in LA and you know how to do hair, box braids, I got a thousand dollars for you, DM me now, ladies only," said the rapper in the video. He holds up some cash in his hand but people are noticing that he looks unhealthy and is having trouble pronouncing his words.

"Bro on crack," said one commenter on the video. "Yo I thought he went to rehab bro," said another person.

Hopefully, people are just overreacting. However, if Famous Dex is back on drugs, we hope that he gets the professional help that he needs to overcome addiction. Pray for him in the comments.

People Think Famous Dex Is Back On Drugs In New Video
People Think Famous Dex Is Back On Drugs In New Video
People Think Famous Dex Is Back On Drugs In New Video

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