King Von's Manager Doesn't Wish Jail On Quando Rondo Affiliate Lul Tim

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King Von Track manager Lul Tim
King Von's manager Track speaks about the man charged with his murder, Timothy Leeks (AKA Lul Tim).

Several months later and the hip-hop community is still shaken up over the passing of King Von, one of the greatest storytellers of his generation. The late 26-year-old had a way with his words, telling authentic tales about his upbringing, his life in the streets, and his O'Block partners. Through his music, the world got to learn about his rough way of life, and right when he started to see a lick of success, everything was abruptly taken away from him.

King Von's manager Track has been speaking exclusively with VladTV about his former client, the night the rapper was killed, and more about Von. During the latest portion of their conversation to have been released on YouTube, Track talks about Timothy Leeks, also known as Lul Tim, who was accused of pulling the trigger on Von.

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When asked if he felt justice after Lul Tim was arrested and charged with Von's murder, Track says that he honestly didn't, stating that he wouldn't wish jail on his worst enemy.

"Honest truth, I wouldn't wish jail on my worst enemies. That's just how I am, how I'm built," said Track. "Honest truth, I could care-- that's his situation and he gotta deal with it. That's his team. Whatever's going on with them, that's on them. Me, personally, I know what I'm dealing with with losing my brother and his family and just making sure we keep everything going. I don't really think or even consider what's going on on that side. That's for them to figure out what they got going on."

During the same interview, Track calls King Von his generation's Tupac Shakur after Vlad points out the similarities in the manners with which their lives ended.

Rest in peace to King Von. Watch the latest part of Track's interview above.

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