Jaden Consoles The Brokenhearted On "CTV3: Day Tripper's Edition"

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Jaden shares the revamped "CTV3: Day Tripper's Edition," with new guest contributions from ¿Téo?, Babe Rainbow, and Joey Bada$$.

Almost exactly one year after the release of his third studio album, CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3, Jaden returns with a new project that isn't quite a deluxe or a proper follow-up. Titled CTV3: Day Tripper's Edition, the "Icon" artist's latest full-length effort is more of a remixed version of the original CTV3 that dropped last August.

The enhanced version of the alternative Hip-Hop album features a unique new track list as well as spatial audio capabilities on select platforms, and it also boasts guest appearances from Justin Bieber, ¿Téo?, Babe Rainbow, Raury, and Joey Bada$$.

CTV3: Day Tripper's Edition houses the recently released singles "BYE" and "Summer" as well as completely new songs like "Still In Love" and the Babe Rainbow-assisted "Our Psychedelic Love Story." Older tracks like "Rainbow Bap," "LUCY!," "Cabin Fever," and "Endless Summer" from the original version of CTV3 are also present on the Day Tripper's Edition, but in remixed or revamped formats.

When speaking on his intriguing new project, Jaden says, "I Really Don’t Know What To Say. Making This Album Has Really Been One Of The Hardest Things I’ve Ever Put Myself Through. This Is For The Day Trippers And All The Lonely Hearts I Love You And We Won’t Be Crying Forever."

Give Jaden's CTV3: Day Tripper's Edition a listen below and let us know if you prefer the remixed version or the original.


1. Circa 2013
2. Falling for You (with Justin Bieber)
3. Rainbow Bap Remix (feat. ¿Téo?)
4. LUCY! (Day Tripper’s Edition)
5. What It Is
6. Your Voice / Bethel, NY
7. Still In Love
8. Muted Sunrise
9. BYE
10. Cabin Fever from The Hill
11. Our Psychedelic Love Story (feat. Babe Rainbow)
12. Santa Barbara
13. Laurel Canyon
14. Summer
15. Cabin Fever
16. Equestrian Trail Freestyle #2
17. Endless Summer Remix (feat. Joey Bada$$ & Raury)
18. We Were Fifteen
19. Birth of SYRE (Day Tripper’s Edition)

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