Saweetie Matches Her New Rolls Royce For The Fourth Of July

That orange interior is a great touch.

BYYoni Yardeni
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Saweetie kicked off this past weekend with her birthday and capped it with the Fourth of July on Sunday. Coming off turning 28 on July 2nd, the "Risky" star was posted up in all Louis before showing off a brand new Rolls Royce gifted to her by friends, with an orange interior to boot.

This is coming off an onslaught of headlines regarding her breakup with Quavo. This past April, the Migos rapper ultimately repoed a car that he purchased for her. Then, just a couple of weeks prior to this, Saweetie even bought herself a Phantom. One's got to assume spending the day with friends who appreciate you enough to buy a Cullinan as a birthday gift will help shed a bit of that stress. 

The USC grad took to Instagram to show off her car, with an orange bikini to match, captioning the photo, "i just really like expensive things." The car starts at damn near $300,000, so that much is clear to us.

As far as Quavo is concerned, he made some comments in regards to the repossessed Bentley in an episode of Verified for Genius, saying "Anything Quavo touch, anything I put my Huncho Hands on gone go up. Anything I touch so [it's] self-explanatory on what I put on and who I put on and what I bought." 

Saweetie Matches Her New Rolls Royce For The Fourth Of July

Now that she has two brand new cars to pull up in, the rapper is still staying icy.

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