When it comes to legendary hip-hop figures, Texas-born and L.A-based rapper The D.O.C. has always been among the most underrated. Having been a frequent collaborator of Dr. Dre’s in the late eighties and early nineties — Dre actually produced all thirteen songs on The D.O.C’s 1989 classic No One Can Do It Better — the D.O.C’s hip-hop journey was brought to a devastating end following a debilitating car-crash that left his voice forever altered. 

The D.O.C Reportedly Working On A New Album
 Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Though his brilliant lyricism would endure on Dre’s debut The Chronic, the accident and subsequent surgeries all but derailed The D.O.C’s trajectory as a solo artist. In 2003, the rapper emerged with Deuce, a 6-Two collaboration album that featured heavy Dr. Dre involvement. Since then, it’s been relatively quiet for the legendary emcee, who Nelly previously called “hip-hop’s biggest what-if”  — though it would appear that’s likely to change, as per his frequent collaborator Erotic D.

During an appearance on the Conversations With Chad podcast, Erotic D stated that he and The D.O.C. were indeed working on a new album. “We’ve been kicking around certain titles,” he teases. “We are working.” While it’s not exactly much to go off, it should be noted that The D.O.C recently reunited with some of his former collaborators, having previously engaged in an epic west coast day out with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Fred Wreck, and Anderson .Paak last summer. 

We look forward to hearing further details about the upcoming project, as it sounds like a genuine treat for hip-hop historians eager to hear what The D.O.C. has been up to.