Every time Throwback Thursday rolls around, hip-hop fans love to keep an eye on certain pages to see what type of nostalgia they'll bring up. One of those accounts belongs to Snoop Dogg, affectionately referred to as Uncle Snoop by some fans. 

Having been involved in some of the greatest rap storylines in history, there is so much for Snoop to sift through every time he wants to take a trip down memory lane. Usually, he'll bless the fans with more than just one throwback.

Today, he went twenty-seven years back to 1993, sharing a picture of himself, Dr. Dre, and the man behind the scenes, The D.O.C. Then, he fast-forwarded to the present, sharing a more recent picture of himself and the two. Going captionless, Snoop let the 'then and now' flick do all the talking.


The juxtaposed image was first shared by an account called @itsallaboutwestcoast, which regularly shares mock-ups like this one. They most recently shared one for Nipsey Hussle, showcasing his evolution over the years.

If you're a fan of Snoop's days with Dr. Dre and The D.O.C,  this one will definitely bring you to a place you've been missing.


Which rap era would you travel back to if you had a time machine?