Akbar V Says Flight Attendant Is Racial Profiling Her While On IG Live

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Akbar V American Airlines
Akbar V. documented the incident after the flight attendant demanded if she was in the correct seat.

On Sunday, artist Akbar V got into an altercation with a flight attendant while on board a flight on American Airlines. 

Akbar went live on Instagram to record the entire incident. As the video starts up, we hear the flight attendant demand to see her ID, and pointedly asked "is that your seat?" which prompted Akbar to look to her fellow passengers and ask if the flight attendant's actions were standard protocol. "And I'm gonna need your information 'cause you don't know who you talking," Akbar said to the flight attendant after he asked for her information. 

The flight attendant denied that he was racially profiling her in the video, but continued to argue with her.  She told the flight attendant to "get out of her face" after he said he "don't tell me about racial profiling."

Later on, Akbar V said to her fellow passenger, "Nah, he just didn't think I was in first class. That's all that is." The flight attendant clearly overheard and quickly interjected, saying, "I don't care.... ma'am stop talking please." The two continued to bicker back-and-forth before Akbar finally stopped the video.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member has been known for her temper, and thus, fans commented on the video that Akbar handled the situation in a decent manner considering her temperament. 

This isn't the first unpleasant encounter Akbar has had at an airline. She also said she felt "racially profiled" when flying with Delta Airlines last month. She posted a video on Instagram of a conversation with a Delta employee. According to the conversation, Akbar was pulled off the plane due to suspicion of drinking, although Akbar said it was just RedBull. 

While we have seen some airline incidents go terribly wrong, we're glad that this one didn't escalate to a point of no return. How do you all think Akbar handled the situation? Let us know in the comments. 

Check out the series of videos below.


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