Akbar V is known for saying some pretty out-of-left-field things but this one took us all for a spin.

The Love & Hip Hop personality recently took to Instagram Stories to make an offer to Young M.A, making her wishes public and claiming that she would like to have sex with the rapper as an experiment.

"I want to have sex with @youngma just one time to see how it hits," wrote Akbar on social media.

Young M.A, who is openly lesbian, has not responded to the strange post.


People are getting after Akbar for posting this, calling her out for "embarrassing" herself and making a mockery out of the rapper's sexuality. Others added that she's just saying this to remain relevant for another fifteen minutes, noting that her music career doesn't get that much attention these days so she needs to resort to this.

Do you think this might actually happen? It's not uncommon for public shooting-your-shot moments to actually come through. This will end in one of three ways. Either we'll be hearing about Akbar V and Young M.A's new relationship next week, a public shutdown moment for the Love & Hip Hop star, or this will all fade away as quickly as it appeared.

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

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