Lil Wayne "No Ceilings 3" Lyrics: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol & Violence

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lil wayne no ceilings 3 lyrics

Lil Wayne's "No Ceilings 3" lyrics, with a focus on carnal pleasures.

On Friday, Lil Wayne touched down with No Ceilings 3. The rapper, who frequently claims to be from another planet, has been spending a lot more time here on Earth than in the past, with Tha Carter V deluxe arriving in September, Funeral Deluxe just prior to that, and the Free Weezy Album also re-surfacing with its 5-year-late addition to streaming services. All this to say, we haven't been in the same sort of Weezy F musical drought that we've experienced in years prior, but nonetheless, it seems every time Wayne drops the excitement remains at all-time-highs. Perhaps even more so when No Ceilings is involved.

With good reason. The original No Ceilings mixtape (which, by the way, also hit DSPs this past summeris peak 2009. It's also peak Wayne. He was co-opting popular beats, swallowing them, and spitting them back out as though they were his own. He did it with a certain flair, his flow often more catchy than whatever happened to be featured in the original, his bars more explicit, and usually, more clever. And, he made it all sound so easy.

With No Ceilings 3, fans were expecting the exact same formula as the original-- and that's exactly what we received, as it turns out, from the DatPiff download, the unexpected-but-expected delay, and even the incessant shouting from a DJ (Khaled) in the background. But also: the freestyles. 

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While Wayne may contend that he doesn't actually listen to popular music, or anyone's music for that matter, other than himself, he seemed to know enough when it came to either interpolating certain verses with his own lyrical take, or adopting flows for each beat across the mixtape. Still, the rapper had some assistance from Young Money counterparts, including his young sons, who took on beats like Money Man's "24" (Lil Tune's "Fl4m3$") and Lil Tecca's "When You Go Down" ("Hollywood" by Young Carter).

The star of the show, though, is clearly (/always) Lil Wayne. The NOLA native proves that his mind is a black hole, a never-ending well of metaphors, puns, and eccentric thoughts that some may not dare put down on paper, let alone say aloud. Despite rapping for over twenty years, Wayne still has new points of reference when it comes to sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence-- all of which are scattered across No Ceilings 3.

We've rounded up some of Lil Wayne's best lyrics on No Ceilings 3 when it comes to his favorite subject matter: drugs, sex, alcohol and violence. 

Let us know your favorite lyrics off the mixtape in the comment section.

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Weighing my options, I broke out the scale

Weighing my options, I feel like a whale

My pockets on blubber, the socket unplugger

Bah-bah-bah-bah, he not gon' recover

Dead bodies on top of each other

Look like they six-nining each other

At first, I was playin', now this shit got serious

BB King Freestyle

N***as thinkin' they cold, I knock the flu-season out them

Bitches forget they hoes, and that's when Tunechi remind them

I used to fuck Gucci models, I'm fuckin' Gucci designers

I keep it 2-G regardless, I'm gettin' too deep for divers


I bring the night to his sunlight and zen to her stress

I bring the gun to a fist fight, the dick to her breast

She want the cum on her tongue like it's mint to her breath

Something Different

And she pillow talk with herself, bitch you just dreamin'

And shawty just text me some shit, I ain't read it

Until I delete it

Life is Good

Yeah, they say my days are numbered but I keep taking drugs

Baby, I know you see these X pills, please take one

I'm a skater but I heard your man a cheapskate, huh

Heard he rattin', now they moving his release date, huh, snitch

I just turned my main to my spouse

Could've bought her ass the tote purse or pouch, bought a house

Now baby got an ego twice the size of the crib

Now she see what I'm saying, she got eyes in her ears

Never turn your back on Weezy F B, God forbid

I might have to do a bid if she left me, I forgive

Peggy Bundy

I turn lil bro to a red puddle

Chop up his dead body, he a dead puzzle

I make a pussy hole beg for me

Out West

Nina take his soul away cause she a soul sister

One over your head, one under your nose, nigga

If you're coming back to life, then pull up in a Ghost, nigga

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I want you six feet under that Earth 

I put your picture on front of that shirt

I let my bitch sleep in one of them shirts, and she let me piss and cum on that shirt 

Chop his head off, stop by his mama's and drop his head off

I'm with Satan, he got on a shirt that say, "I'm with Adolf" 

I got the Devil ridin' shotgun, Hot Boy and the cold killer

Take a picture, say, "Cheese," decompose, nigga

Comme des Garcons

I take a vacation and go see some beautiful shit

Come back with a whole different view of this shit

My third eye just opened 'cause two wasn't shit

It's either that or too many hallucinogens

Got a cute-ass lil' bitch with a coke habit

3 Headed Goat

Lil bitch walking around with her titties out like she gon breastfeed

Police raiding my spot, they saw it was me and took selfies

Play with them guns, soon as they pop I'm gon' hit my target

In front of his broad, in front of his daughters, I'm so remorseless


Her mouth look like a bowl of milk with no cereal


Fuck in my skate park, cum on her face scar


She like to walk on my rug, it's chinchilla

She wan' fuck on my rug, I say "bitch that's chinchilla"

She like to masturbate while on her period

Then suck on her finger, I swear she the weirdest

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