Floyd Mayweather is gearing up for a massive fight tonight as he takes on the likes of Logan Paul in what should be a massive money-making endeavor. In fact, it is believed that Mayweather will make anywhere between $50 and $100 million from the fight, which is a pretty incredible haul when you consider how this is only an exhibition match. Mayweather has made hundreds of millions of dollars from his career as a boxer and at 44 years old, he has no plans on slowing down.

According to TMZ, Mayweather is already spending some of that money as he recently went to the Towbin Auto Group in Las Vegas and spent a healthy $1 million. The boxing legend bought nine cars for his team, including three Dodge Challengers, two Dodge Chargers, a Dodge Journey, a Maybach, a Mercedes S560, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Floyd Mayweather Rewards Team With $1 Million Worth Of Cars
Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

These are some pretty incredible gifts and when you consider all of the work that has been put into this upcoming fight, it is safe to say that it is all well-deserved. Mayweather and company continue to be a massive force in the boxing world and tonight’s fight has the potential to be the biggest exhibition match in the history of the sport.

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