The Weeknd Changes His Profile Picture On Instagram & Sparks Album Rumors

The Weeknd’s recent Instagram activity has fans theorizing that a new album is on the way.

BYJoshua Robinson
The Weeknd Changes His Profile Picture On Instagram & Sparks Album Rumors

Despite his now-infamous snubs at the Grammy Awards earlier this year, The Weeknd has enjoyed a landmark career year throughout 2021. Having headlined the Super Bowl, racked up a slew of platinum plaques, and made Billboard chart history, the Canadian singer-songwriter has had an awe-inspiring run over the past four months, especially considering that he has only released one song this year. Thus, it's only fitting that he was honored at the BRIT Awards on Tuesday.

Having also performed at the award show, The Weeknd recently took to his Instagram to promote his BRIT appearance, posting various clips of himself singing "Save Your Tears" and Michelle Obama presenting his BRIT award. However, his subsequent posts and abrupt profile picture change have fans thinking that something much bigger is happening.

At a quick glance, it appears that The Weeknd's last few posts are simply meant to promoting his recent virtual performance for the BRIT Awards, but the artist's vague captions have led fans to believe that Abel is gearing up to drop a new album. Mere weeks ago, The Weeknd teased that he might release the "magic" that he recorded during quarantine, so perhaps The Weeknd's latest Instagram posts are confirmation that those tunes are in fact on the way after all. 

In his most recent Instagram post, The Weeknd posted a still from his BRIT Awards performance, which features a dark shot of him facing the camera in his strange fisherman-style getup, and for the caption, the After Hours artist wrote, "the dawn is coming...." The photo now doubles as his profile picture, so check it out below.

What do you think — is The Weeknd teasing a new project or is he simply promoting his recent performance at the BRIT Awards?

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