Juice WRLD Photographer Says He Didn’t Die Swallowing Pills To Hide Them From Police

“[Juice] did not swallow a bunch of pills because the police were at the airport.”

BYAlex Zidel
Juice WRLD Photographer Says He Didn’t Die Swallowing Pills To Hide Them From Police

Juice WRLD passed away on December 8, 2019, following an accidental drug overdose. The Chicago rapper reportedly suffered a fatal seizure after his private plane touched down in his hometown. It was previously reported that the rapper had swallowed a bunch of pills to hide them from the police, which was alerted that there were guns and drugs onboard. According to Chris Long, Juice's photographer who was on the plane and caught a gun charge for him, that was not the case.

Taking to Twitter on Monday night, Chris Long told his followers that he was still having an extremely difficult time processing the death of his friend. "I can’t do this anymore. I give up," he wrote on the platform. "Thanks for all the messages. I’m trying so hard. But if I can’t do it let’s make sure some things are clear. J did not swallow a bunch of pills because the police where [sic] at the airport. We gave no f*cks about them being there. He could have flushed them down the toilet if he cared. J was just hooked bad. The amount he took daily was absurd and he hid how much he really took from mostly everyone. Everyone around him tried really hard to get him to slow down. When he agreed to rehab it was because he wanted to lower his tolerance. He didn’t want to stop."


This is consistent with what other members of Juice WRLD's team have said about the artist's drug consumption. Lil Bibby, Juice's manager, previously said that the rapper had agreed to go to rehab after the people closest to him caught onto how much he was using.

"J was supposed to go to rehab that month," confirmed Long. "We tried so hard to do positive things everyday like ride dirt bikes or paintball to keep busy and not do pills but every night once he hit the studio that was it. He loved it. I never thought he would od I was always scared of getting bad pressed pills so got test strips. I tested every batch he got, but no one knew how much he really took because he was hiding it. Once max and I really started counting how much he had and how fast he went though them."

Chris says that he watched Juice WRLD die at his feet while he could do nothing to save him. "I had to look in his eyes while he was dying," he said. He confirmed that they had placed the gun inside of Long's bag because he had a clean record and didn't mind taking the charge for the rapper.

Read Chris Long's full thread below. Rest in peace, Juice WRLD.


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