If Game Of Thrones has taught us anything, it’s that declaring oneself to be King only sows further conflict. And yet, for many ambitious claimants, kingship remains the only desirable endgame. Long have we seen rappers spark debate, controversy, and backlash upon reaching for the proverbial crown.

Recently, Diddy once again tossed his sword in the race — not a frivolous metaphor, lest we forget his love of swordsmanship — deeming himself to be the King of New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. He did so during an interview with P of Quality Control, and to his credit, he acknowledged the presence of multiple king contenders — bestowing the royal title upon the Atlanta mogul.

Diddy Declares Himself King Of New York, Miami, & L.A.
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images 

“We have a lot of kings, but P baby, we’re going to put some respect on that name,” he begins, before turning to the camera. “Since I’m king of New York, Miami, and L.A, I come with greetings from the other empires. I pay respect to you.”

Clearly, Diddy knows exactly what he’s doing. After all, one does not reach his career heights by living in ignorance. He of all people should understand the weight such claims carry, however; after all, claiming “king of New York” status was strongly rumored to have been the catalyst for Diddy’s notorious conflict with Kendrick Lamar. Curiously, Diddy has now crowned himself king of Kenny’s soil, and one has to wonder as to whether any artists will take issue with Love’s wide-ranging territorial expansion. 

Check out the fragment of Puff’s conversation with P below, and sound off if you agree with Diddy’s ambitious assessment in the comments below.