India Royale is officially tired of y’all. The influencer, who is best known for her relationship with rapper Lil Durk, spends a lot of time fighting back trolls on social media who seem to always have something to say about her personal life. Most recently, the critics tried to put a damper on her Mother’s Day by shaming her and emphasizing that she’s the rapper’s sixth baby mama. 

If there’s one thing you should know about India and Durk, it’s that they’ll always go to war for one another. They fight each other’s battles all the time but last night, India was left to fend for herself. The model responded to fans who tried to make her feel bad about her relationship, saying, “Y’all can’t make me mad about being the 6th BM. I knew I was gonna be that when I chose parenthood over planned parenthood. I’m the BM, the obsession, lover, friend, authorized user on bank cards, and beneficiary. Talk to me nice bitches.”

When somebody implied that she was being delusional, India wrote back, “He will get on here and tell y’all. Y’all know he live in the pocket of my p***y.” Smurk didn’t log on to defend India though and shortly after she sent these tweets, her account was deleted from Twitter. It appears as though she deactivated her page.

Clearly, this exchange bothered India but hopefully, she returns to social media realizing that it doesn’t matter what anybody says about her relationship as long as she and Durk are both happy. We’re wishing them the best.