Iggy Azalea has historically had a difficult time in relationships, and she’s not about to deny that. Her personal life has been blasted by gossip magazines, blogs, and on social media as people continue to keep a vested interest in the Aussie rapper’s love life. Most recently, she had her first baby with Atlanta artist Playboi Carti, but their dramatic break-up made headlines after Iggy used Twitter to call him out for cheating

Iggy Azalea Shades Playboi Carti: "I Could Pick Better Men"
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

As she moves past all of the romantic turmoil in her life, Iggy is being honest with herself about what she can do to achieve a better life, admitting that she could be better at screening her potential lovers.


“Okay but I’m gonna have the biggest glow up of 2021,” said the rapper on Twitter. “That’s happening.” When one of her fans gassed her up and asked how much prettier she could possibly get, Iggy explained that she wasn’t necessarily talking about her looks. “I could be healthier, I could be happier, I could focus more on my business, I could pick better men, I could try new things creatively, I could develop new skills,” she said. “To me a glow up is not just about ‘pretty’.”


Many of her followers have taken the “I could pick better men” admission to be subtle shade for Playboi Carti, Nick Young, A$AP Rocky, French Montana, and anybody else that she’s been linked to in that sense. 

Hopefully, Iggy finds the right man this year and can settle down with him and Onyx.


This weekend, Iggy went viral for her “Buss It” challenge. Watch that here.