She’s no stranger to a controversial statement or two, and Azealia Banks returns to ruffle some feathers. The rapper has often rubbed people the wrong way with her brash takes on pop culture, but that hasn’t stopped Banks from speaking her mind. Whether she’s giving her opinions of entertainment, technology, or spilling secrets about her famous friends and foes, Azealia Banks knows how to stir the pot. On Monday (December 21), Banks hopped on her Instagram Story with a few thoughts about politics and pronouns that caused a bit of a backlash.

Azealia Banks Accused Of Transphobia After Slamming They/Them Pronouns
Chelsea Lauren / Stringer / Getty Images

After sharing a slide suggesting that President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris would have “cops with machine guns on your block,” Banks dropped a few more thoughts. “Lmao, I can’t stand you they/them sons of b*tches,” she wrote. “Pronouns are f*cking r*tarded.” In another slide, she added, “Democrats are a f*cking joke. Liberalism is garbage. None of you even practice what you preach.”

“I’m in the most liberal city in America which is now the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Azealia continued. “All you they/them Black Lives Matter r*tards shout about mask wearing yet here the f*ck we are. You lot attended multiple protests and go hiking and jogging during a pandemic and do dumb sh*t like *outdoor* yoga classes.”

She then told everyone to “take the f*cking disgusting germy mask off” and said “you’re going to catch covid whether you like it or not. Imbeciles.” Check out her posts and a few reactions below.