Trading cards have become increasingly popular over the years, regardless of the medium. From Pokemon to Yu-Gi-Oh to Magic the Gathering to even the sports world, trading cards have become a million-dollar industry that can deliver big gains to investors. Every single month, it feels like a brand new basketball card sells for millions of dollars, which has led to more people getting involved with the hobby. In fact, Chris Brown has taken notice and is making sure to get in on the fun.

While taking to Instagram live recently, Brown was on the air with a trading card expert who was opening up some packs on Brown’s behalf. Brown and the man were getting extremely hyped by the pulls, especially after a silver Ja Morant was found in the pack. Based on the conversation, this card could be worth $5000.

It’s an unknown how much Brown paid for the pack although if it was a modest sum of money, then the return here was pretty huge. Of course, card trading isn’t an exact science, and you need a bit of luck in order to hit big. Regardless, this definitely seems like an interesting venture.

Perhaps if Brown waits an adequate amount of time before selling, these cards can surge in value.

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Chris Brown Hits Big On The NBA Trading Card Market">
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