The release of Rowdy Rebel in 2020 was one of the few bits of news to come out of the world of hip-hop throughout the year. While he’s out now, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Bobby Shmurda who took a higher sentence in order for Rowdy to receive less time. Unfortunately, the several opportunities Shmurda had to be released haven’t been successful.

Still, his mother has high hopes that she’ll be able to hug her son in the near future. Leslie Pollard hit the ‘Gram with a photo of her son as well as an update on his release. “My #MCM….. I am counting down just wishing we could run straight to February right quick,” she captioned the pic. “The come back wil be Epic!!! I can’t wait to hug my child it had been almost a year anxiety is getting the best of me.”

A published report from the New York Times earlier this year revealed that he’ll be eigible for conditional release as of February 23rd. This arrives after initially being denied parole back in September. Since then, his exceptional behavior hasn’t gone unnoticed as he’ll likely be able to be released, given no other incidents occur in prison. If released, he’ll be able to serve the remained of his sentence on parole. 

The streets are awaiting Bobby’s return, especially with Rowdy Rebel also out. In a recent documentary with Karen Civil TV, Rowdy Rebel reflected on the wave that emerged as he and Bobby Shmurda took off. Now that a possibility release looms, we’re excited for their respective returns to the rap game.