It looks like Bobby Shmirda will be serving his full sentence, only getting out in December 2021.

This summer, there were plenty of rumors that Bobby Shmurda would be getting out of prison prematurely. His family was offering all kinds of promising statements and his parole hearing, which kept getting pushed back, whispered hope into the rapper's ears. Unfortunately, the GS9 representative learned today that he would likely not be free anytime soon, remaining locked up for the foreseeable future.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

As reported by TMZ, Bobby was denied his parole today. He had a hearing with the board last week and, while no reason was specified as to why he wouldn't be getting out, he learned that he would most likely serve his full sentence. That means that, until December 2021, Bobby is likely to remain behind bars.

The publication recalls several of the violations that Bobby has been handed during the last half-decade, including for drug possession, possession of a shank, fighting, and more. 

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Bobby Shmurda's mother previously said that the rapper was ready to release new music if his parole hearing went well but, unfortunately, it looks like we'll need to wait another year for that to happen.

Free Bobby Shmurda.