North Carolina’s Morray is on a triumphant run. Not only did he recently drop off his debut mixtape Street Sermonsbut he also held it down as one of the few features on J. Cole’s brand new album The Off-Season. Suffice it to say, it won’t be long before the rising star — who happens to have the benefit of an endearing and genuine personality — is a household name. We recently caught up with Morray, who held it down to spit some game on the new episode of How To Roll. 

It’s evident that Morray is a cannabis connoisseur as he reflects on his favorite strains. “OG,” he begins. “You can’t go wrong, OG is the shit. Gelato, if you want to get fancy. Blue Dream was my favorite when I came out. I used to love Blue Dream. I used to smoke Blue Dream every day.” Insofar as his preference towards Indica or Sativa, Morray leans toward the former. “Indica keeps me awake,” he explains. “Sativa give me that relaxation, want-to-lay-down high. Indica gives me that sixteen songs in the studio high.”

Morray Recalls His First Time Smoking On "How To Roll"
Image via HNHH/Artist

“My first time smoking weed, I was in P.A,” he recalls, taking it back to when he was thirteen. “I was on my way to school, and my cousin had some clips in his mom’s ashtray. I hit that muthafucka and went to school, I ain’t ever been so high in my life. My mom came and got me, she slapped me up and all that shit. I didn’t even know I was there.” He laughs. “She was like, are you ready to go home? I was like, I thought I was home. I’m high as shit!” 

He also shares a word of advice to anyone looking to buy weed — always be mindful of the packaging. “If anybody sell you weed and it’s not hard to open up, it’s not real weed,” he declares, after struggling to open his own pack. “It shouldn’t be open at the top. You gotta struggle, that’s how you know that weed is good.” When asked about his daily smoking habits, Morray admits that coming to L.A might have increased his consumption. “I was here for six days,” he recalls. “I smoked eight jars a day. It was a lot. When my label told me how much I was smoking, and I had to pay for it, I was like oh shit! Maybe I should slow down! I thought it was coming out of ya’ll pocket!” 

For more from Morray, be sure to check out the complete episode of How To Roll right here.  

Morray Recalls His First Time Smoking On "How To Roll"