There aren’t too many labels that have a stacked roster like Love Renaissance (LVRN). Over the years, the Atlanta-based label has signed talented acts including 6LACK, Westside Boogie, and more. They continue finding and developing the stars of tomorrow, working with artists like BRS Kash, OMB Bloodbath, and more. 

For the latest edition of Spotify Singles, LVRN has released a new rap cypher, featuring all of the aforementioned artists on the same beat produced by Kitty Ca$h. The release comes via the recent RapCaviar x Spotify Singles partnership, and this is the first-ever collaboration with artists from one collective. It starts off with Houston’s OMB Bloodbath, who is a standout from the cypher. Then, Cleveland’s NoonieVsEverybody makes his introduction before Atlanta’s BRS Kash does lightwork over the beat. Finally, Compton’s Westside Boogie and Atlanta’s 6LACK close out the cypher video with just under three minutes of ferocious rhyming.

“It was fun doing the cypher because I am competitive, and I wanted to body every rapper on LVRN even though I love them,” joked Westside Boogie about the release. “I like rapping with LVRN altogether, I loved the bank outfits, and the direction on set, plus the steak and potatoes on set was fire. If the song a hit, they need to just say that,” added OMB Bloodbath.

Watch the video below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Can’t do it quite like this, you like this
Ask why I just tell ’em I’m passionate
These rap n***as ain’t mad enough
R&B n***as ain’t sad enough
I’m equipped with a gift, when I speak I heal
Above it ’cause I love it and it pays my bills
Damn, I got a beautiful mind
Can’t parlay with n***as misusing they time