J. Cole’s rollout for The Fall Off consisted of a piece of paper, which outlined everything that was coming before the highly-anticipated album release. According to the social media post, the North Carolina-born rapper would commence his journey with a bunch of features, for which that stage is complete. He would continue with his work on Dreamville’s compilation album Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, which earned GRAMMY recognition. Again, another finished step. The third thing to check off his list was The Off-Season, which was initially teased with the release of “Album of the Year (Freestyle)”.

While there is still a lot to unpack surrounding J. Cole’s strategy during the lead-up to The Fall Off, it looks like he’s ready to continue barrelling toward The Off-Season, which is possibly the name of a mixtape or album release. Sharing new pictures on Instagram today, J. Cole suggested as much.


“The Off-Season… Let’s work,” wrote the rarely-heard-from rapper. J. Cole is seen jumping into the air, appearing as though he’s floating in the shots. He doesn’t specify when we can expect The Off-Season, or even what the project entails, but he definitely seems prepared to take the world by storm again with whatever is planned.


Are you looking forward to The Off-Season, and the subsequent release of It’s A Boy (also on the to-do list) and The Fall Off? Let us know in the comments.

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