Twitter Clowns Candace Owens For Connecting "Feminism" & Donald Trump

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Candace Owens
Many labeled Candace Owens' tweet transphobic.

On Sunday night, Donald Trump had his first post-presidential rally at the 2021 CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). While his speech was riddled with falsehoods about the election results and statements about President Joe Biden, there was one section of the speech that particularly struck a chord. 

"Joe Biden and the Democrats are even pushing policies that would destroy women sports," said Trump. "Young girls and women are incensed that they are now being forced to compete against those who are biological males. It's not good for women. it's not good for women's sports which worked for so long and so hard to get to where they are."

Notable conservative author Candace Owens took to her Twitter on Sunday evening to express her support for Trump’s message. She writes, “If you guys are wondering what actual feminism is, it’s Donald Trump having the courage to stand up on stage and call out the insanity of biological men dominating women’s sports.”

Her tweet got a lot of attention, and Twitter users rushed to clown her, claiming she embarrassed herself. Many were quick to note the irony of calling Trump a “feminist” with his staggering number of sexual assault allegations. 

Others asserted that she simply did not understand transgender people. 

Other users looked back to Dave Chapelle's comedic statement on Candace. 

Most, however, just tore into her views and values. 













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