The long-awaited Drake x Bryson Tiller collaboration emerged this past Friday on ANNIVERSARY. Many have anticipated this collaboration since Drake co-signed Bryson five years ago with many expecting the Canadian rapper to appear on his debut album TRAPSOUL. Though that wasn’t the case, there was a reason for it that Bryson Tiller explained recently to Rob Markman.

Bryson Tiller Details Missed Drake Collabs Before "Outta Time"
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Drake actually serves as the first feature Bryson Tiller has had on any of his solo albums with the exception of The Weeknd’s “RAMBO” remix that appeared on TRAPSOUL deluxe. Apparently, this would’ve happened regardless since Drake was initially slated to appear on Bryson’s debut album. “The same way this one happened, it was supposed to be a surprise feature,” he said “We didn’t get to make that happen obviously but this is dope to come back five years, full circle, and do it.”

Tiller explained that Drake was a big fan of “Sequence” but it appeared likely that the 6ix God would grace the remix of “Don’t.” Ultimately, that fell through but earlier this year, they started connecting once again to get “Outta Time” off of the ground.

“You know, me and him are always sent each other ideas or whatever. I went to the studio, played him stuff. He played me some stuff. I was supposed to be on More Life. At that time, I was just in a terrible mental space. I really couldn’t deliver the proper Bryson Tiller verse for a Drake album,” he said. Bryson explained that he sent Drake a song for Serenity earlier this year while Drake sent him back something he was working on.

“I sat on it for a while and I kind of found myself in the same place that I was when we first started collaborating… I don’t even want to come on this song if I’m not really feelin’ it,” he added. “I was kind of just sitting on it for a while, maybe waiting on his verse to come back for the other song that I sent him.” He said he was in the studio with Neil who he played the Drake song for. Bryson explained Neil really boosted his confidence, saying that the song wouldn’t sound right if he wasn’t on it. “He left the studio and for the first time, I knocked it out in about 20 minutes, 30 minutes.” 

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