Information about Derek Chauvin, the police officer who kneeled on George Floyd’s neck before his death, is starting to leak out into public knowledge and it’s becoming clear that, in his nineteen years on the job, he wasn’t always the most well-respected cop.

After being fired from his position this week, it is being reported that Derek Chauvin faced a total of ten conduct complaints against him throughout his career. None of the conduct complaints resulted in any disciplinary action or punishments, according to the New York Post.

In addition, Chauvin was one of six cops who were accused of police brutality after responding to a stabbing in 2006. Wayne Reyes, who was suspected of stabbing his girlfriend and another person, was killed when he pointed a shotgun at the officers. It is unclear which officer shot the man and, following protocol, they were all placed on paid leave.

George Floyd Cop Derek Chauvin Had 10 Conduct Complaints
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

In the same year, an inmate at Minnesota Correctional named Chauvin and seven other officers in an unrelated federal lawsuit, which was later dismissed.

These are just two of the incidents that Chauvin has faced criticism for. 

Three reviews by the Civilian Review Authority note that Chauvin has used a “demeaning tone” and “derogatory language” in the past. 

Derek Chauvin has since been fired from his job as a police officer.