Apple’s highly speculated wireless, over-ear headphones—or “Studiopods”—may be dropping as soon as March, after a mysterious item called “Apple Airpods (X Generation)” showed up in Target’s inventory systems and UPC scanners with a $399.99 price tag. Youtuber Jon Prosser revealed that multiple Target employees have reached out to him after noticing the product listed under this name. The listing is thought to be for the highly speculated over-ear “Studiopods,” the latest gadget in Apple’s growing wireless audio line.

Target’s inventory system lists three different SKU (stock-keeping unit) for the product, meaning that these rumoured Studiopods may be released in multiple colourways. According to Prosser, the product could be launching as soon as next month. He also included a concept image of what the StudioPods may look like.

The Youtuber also shared some images of the “iPod Touch X Generation” and the “iPad 10.5 X” listed in Target’s systems. He asserts that the “iPod Touch X Generation” is “almost CERTAINLY the new $400 iPhone,” and that the “iPad 10.5 X” is likely the new iPad Pro. The “iPod Touch X Generation” comes with 6 SKUs, meaning 6 possible colourway options. Apple is also rumoured to be working on a design for a folding iPhone.