Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Yo Gotti have been fighting for the rights of inmates locked up inside of Mississippi prisons. Team Roc and Yo Gotti leaked video of the horrible conditions these inmates are living in. Most recently, Roc Nation’s attorney Alex Spiro filed a separate lawsuit against the health care provider for Parchman Penitentiary, Centene. The person who’s suing the company isn’t Jay-Z, though. It s a shareholder in Centene’s parent company, Centurion, who was already notified about what these inmates were living through.


This lawsuit comes after Jay-Z’s Roc Nation filed their own lawsuit on behalf of a group of inmates. Spiro’s client saw the footage of 40 inmates dying in prison that leaked onto the Internet. The shareholder’s basis for his lawsuit is that he believes Centurion’s poor healthcare standards for the inmates are making the company vulnerable to lawsuits and the possibility of dropping their stock. The shareholder called out the poor treatment of inmates from their mental health to getting tested for the illness. The lawsuit accuses them of an “entire breakdown in [Mississippi prisons’] healthcare system.”

Parchman Prison has been specifically under fire for the amount of carelessness towards the inmates from suicides to riots. Centurion’s losing money from its deal with the state, according to documents. The shareholder has suspicions that this might be a reason why the health care provider hasn’t been providing health care to the inmates at the prison. The lawsuit demands that Centurion opens up their books for a full breakdown of where funds have been going.