In the current times we’re in, rappers, producers, and songwriters have faced off on Instagram Live for soundclashes of sorts. Going song-for-song, we’ve witnessed some of the greatest musical artists of our time duke it out to see who has the stronger catalog. Thankfully, these sorts of battles have sparked even more clashes of sorts, including among comedians.

Most recently, Michael Blackson and Mike Epps went face-to-face on Instagram Live and gave the people want they wanted — a roast off. The two legendary comedians dished out jokes on each other. “Aye Mike, your mom is half coyote, half squirrel,” Epps told Blackson. “Mike, your mom and your pops is the same n***a. Fuck you,” Blackson quipped.

But in a matter of moments, they teamed up to troll the coronavirus pandemic as a whole. Mike Epps joked that it’s gotten so bad in New York that the Statue of Liberty was rushed to the hospital while Michael Blackson joked that coronavirus is so big that it has Ebola jealous.

Even in the midst of all the roasting, Mike Epps and Michael Blackson did shower each other with flowers for the work they’ve put in over the years. Perhaps, we’ll get to see them back on screen together soon. The last time they starred in the film alongside each other was for 2016’s Meet The Blacks