It was four years ago when a tense moment on The Breakfast Club became a meme. It’s one of the most talked-about incidents on the radio talk show: Birdman wanted The Breakfast Club to “put some respect on my name.” It was clear back in 2016 that Birdman’s real target was Charlamagne Tha God as the Cash Money leader addressed the radio host directly with pointed words.

Birdman Doesn't Regret "Respect" Moment With "The Breakfast Club"
Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer / Getty Images

Last week, Birdman sat down with Everyday Struggle and was asked by Akademiks if he regretted the way he handled that situation. “Not at all,” the rap mogul said. “It just was what it was and that’s behind us. A n*gga grown and I believe in respect. I grew up on respect and I think disrespect, you deal with that sh*t accordingly. However you feel [you have] to deal with it and at that time I just wanted really to go and speak to that man and to let him know we believe in respect.”

“Sometimes, bloggers get out of they character and say sh*t ’bout people that ain’t got nothing to do with what’s going on,” Birman added. “I just felt the need to step to him, go there and see him and see what’s happening. Just ask him to respect me.” Birdman also said that although he may not be a person who reacts to the negativity that may be shared about him, he “sees all that sh*t.” He continued, “You can’t beat the internet. You gotta let it be.”

Watch the clip of Everyday Struggle with Birdman below along with his heated exchange with Charlamagne Tha God from years ago.