It was only a matter of time before the rumors intensified. For several weeks, global superstar Cardi B has been parading around in a multitude of different face masks, stylishly hiding her visage and prompting her supporters to ponder the reasoning behind her decision to block her face. At the time, plastic surgery murmurs could be heard throughout social media and, after her numerous appearances this weekend, people are convinced that they were correct to assume she had gotten some work done.

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Cardi B Finally Unmasks & Fans Think She's Had Plastic Surgery">

Cardi B has not confirmed any of the gossip but, if you look around Twitter right now, you’ll see tons of people suggesting the rapper went under the knife. Hitting the red carpet for the Grammy Awards last night, the Bronx emcee looked like a different person, resembling her sister more than herself. Comparing close-up photos of her face from this weekend and earlier events, you’ll notice differences right away but maybe she was just trying out different types of make-up? As reported by Bossip, some of her most loyal fans believe she got a nose job, an eye lift, and fat moved in her face. 

Although she’s definitely still stunning, we can see where the gossipers are coming from. Do you think Cardi B had plastic surgery on her face?