Canadian rapper bbno$ is back with a new album, good luck have fun, which dropped earlier this week.

Perhaps best known for his hit song “Lalala,” which has been streamed over 600 million times on Spotify, bbno$ blends humor and internet jargon with catchy flows. 

Good luck have fun features a number of artists including bbno$’s frequent collaborator, Yung Gravy, who pops up on “jack money bean.” The two have worked together several times, including a joint album earlier this year with Young Gravy 2.

Check out the tracklist for good luck have fun and stream the album below:


1. “rgb money”
2. “astrology”
3. “admit it”
4. “keep up”
5. “jack money bean”
6. “mememe”
7. “backwards”
8. “imma”
9. “bubbles”
10. “mahogany”
11. “man in the mirror”
12. “on one”
13. “feeling good”