Alongside Yung Gravy, Vancouver-based artist bbno$ is arguably one of the two biggest meme-rappers in the world. While his music is often comical, it’s laced with strong production, fun features, and witty bars that will bring a smile to your face. Over the years, bbno$ has found viral success with songs including “Lalala,” “Welcome To Chilis,” and others. Most recently, “edamame” with Rich Brian has been a big hit on TikTok, and bbno$ has officially followed that up with his new album, titled eat ya veggies.

If you’re looking for an amusing listen this weekend, bbno$’s new album eat ya veggies should be a go-to for you. The 26-year-old artist brings along guest features from Yung Gravy, Rich Brian, Night Lovell, and Rebecca Black. There are also a bunch of collaborations with lentra on this new album, furthering their working relationship.

Listen to eat ya veggies below and let us know what you think.


1. resume
2. yoga (feat. Rebecca Black)
3. edamame (feat. Rich Brian)
4. black eyed pees
5. brainless (with lentra)
6. u mad!
7. 2 time zones (feat. Night Lovell)
8. check up (with lentra)
9. big boss baby (with lentra)
10. i remember
11. wussup (feat. Yung Gravy)
12. tonight we fuckin’ party (with ANH)