We may remember a time when Trouble was romantically linked to Alexis Skyy, but it seems that he has a new lady in his life. The rapper recently took to his Instagram to share photos of his woman, a rumored defense attorney named Nicole Moorman who reportedly previously worked for Lil Durk. Trouble looked happy and in love as he boasted about his romance, but people were quick to make accusations that he was somehow with her because of her career.


On Thursday (May 21), Trouble took to Twitter to pen a few frustrated messages to those who have decided to run with gossip about his “wife.” He wrote, “I dont giva damn Bout what noBody thinks, But at the same time what yall Blogs n sh*t aint gon do is disrespect my woman’s morality. The respect I got for her stems from the respect she has for herself! She was NEVER my lawyer. So NO, the lawyer didn’t fall in love with a client,” the rapper tweeted. “If u aint heard it from the actual person people speakin on, yall gotta learn to stop just runnin wit sh*t an sprayin it!.. Unless yo dream is to work for Tmz or some sh*t.. Where da fukk do yall even Be komin up wit some of these stories 🤦🏾‍♂️.”

He later added that he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation of how he and Nicole met, but it certainly didn’t have anything to do with her professional life. “Da stories im hearin dont even make sense. Bitxh I aint Been locked up in foreva an dont plan on goin Bakk eitha!” Trouble continued. “So how da fukk would I have Been in relations wit ‘my lawyer’ 😒 Stop playin wit me an stop playin wit my wife name! I watch her day an night go tooooo hard for everyBody she and her team represents.. Dats why they all Be komin home from what I see. For street nggaz dats all we kare Bout.” Trouble reiterated that he’s proud of his “wife” for all that she does and he’s going to defend her whenever he feels as if the truth isn’t being told. Check out all of Trouble’s tweets below.