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NoCap is one of the fastest rising rappers from Alabama, unfortunately getting sidetrack by legal drama. Here's a list of his most essential songs.

Comparatively to anybody else in the new school generation of hip-hop, NoCap's wordplay is outstanding. Known as one of the voices of Alabama's fast-rising rap scene, with forces like Clever, Rylo Rodriguez, OMB Peezy, and more taking charge, NoCap stands as a true leader. His style has been compared to rappers like Youngboy Never Broke Again, Polo G, Kevin Gates, and others who passionately sing and rap about their experiences in the streets.

Unfortunately, the 21-year-old NoCap hasn't had a chance to hit the next level, getting sidelined by legal issues at every turn. Last year, he was locked up after turning himself in after an alleged shooting. He was promptly released but, several weeks into his freedom, he was detained again. NoCap has been in jail for the entirety of this year and, with the coronavirus outbreak ongoing, his fans have been urging for his prompt release. 

If you're unfamiliar with this rising artist, we've put together a list of his most essential songs. Get accustomed to him because, once he's free, he's going to be a force.

"Ghetto Angels"

We're kicking this off with the song that NoCap is most well-known for. The Backend Child earned a ton of attention for "Ghetto Angels," which remains his most popular solo song to date. The 21-year-old raps about his friends and family members that have passed away, combining his singing and rapping voices to deliver an emotional banger.

The song was released after a back-and-forth stint in jail when NoCap realized that he needed to boss up and become something for himself. In bittersweet fashion, the song in which his pain is the clearest in his voice was the one to break him into stardom. 

"Exotic: Freestyle, Pt. 2"

NoCap puts everything together on "Exotic," a redemption-based banger about how The Backend Child finally made it out of the hood. Despite his newfound success, he's still got a lot of emotion to get out; in the track, he says that when he raps, he always delivers pain. 

His melodies rival those of the strongest rap hitmakers. His hook is on point, rhyming about his rare material belongings and his dependence on drugs. The production on this is bouncy, making it different from the usual acoustic guitar-laced beats that he goes for. If you want an eye into NoCap's hitmaking potential, this is the one for you.

"Solar Sisters"

This is one of the stand-outs from The Backend Child. The guitar-driven beat is typical of a NoCap banger, and he goes crazy with his bars, making "Solar Sisters" easily one of his most replayable songs. He may be celebrating his newfound success here but, for the most part, he remains connected to his past demons. "I got a vision, hope I make it out this tunnel," he raps, speaking on love, loyalty, family, and more.

"Spaceship Vibes" (feat. Quando Rondo)

This is another song that shows you exactly what this rising star is all about. On "Spaceship Vibes," NoCap collaborates with another rapper in a similar lane, Quando Rondo. It's one of those tracks that will instantly put you in your feelings, with a catchy piano backing allowing the rapper to get emotional in his chorus and verse. He speaks on heartbreak and love, detailing what went wrong in his last relationship.

"Remember we was way more than friends / I just wonder, 'Would you love me again?'" he rhymes in the chorus before Quando Rondo jumps in and delivers a verse to compliment NoCap's touching plea. This is a favorite for fans of the Alabama rapper and it's not surprising to see why.

"Pour Up"

One of the catchiest songs that NoCap has released, "Pour Up" still pops in my head several months following its release. Using repetition to his favor and crooning his heart out, this is another one that will get you better acquainted with the Backend Child. Not only are the melodies on point, but NoCap tells a riveting story:

"Good n***a did some shit up in the past that he don't wanna mention / His partner died right in front of him, he ain't been the same since / He beefin' and he out on bond, but he ain't trippin' he still wanna spin it / Thinkin' back, he seen like seven homies gone who he won't see again." 


One of the songs that earned NoCap the most attention, this 2018 track is what put a bunch of people onto him to begin with. It's also one of the only joints on this list that was released prior to his appearance on Lil Baby's Street Gossip, which opened even more eyes to his brand. 

"Ain't got to tell you about my story, you see it in my eyes," he raps, before diving into a flurry of metaphors and punchlines. As with the majority of his songs, NoCap delivers pain in his vocals, clearly going through it and allowing us to resonate with his struggle.

"No Patience" (feat. Polo G & NoCap)

Released by producer CashMoneyAP, "No Patience" is one of the best songs that NoCap has touched and much of that has to do with the chemistry he shares with Polo G.  The two rappers have been compared to one another because of how heartfelt and affective their rhymes are.

"No Patience" has been one of NoCap's biggest streaming successes, for good reason. He speaks on losing friends, his ambition to make it so he could help his mother out, and how his heart is filled with deep scars as a result of what he's been through. NoCap and Polo G bounce perfectly off of each other and we can't wait to hear future collaborations from them.

"Blind Nights"

If you want to get a feel for the type of production that the Backend Child gravitates toward, look no further than "Blind Nights." Local producer Vicasso teamed up with SephGotTheWaves to come up with a captivating guitar section for this beat, allowing NoCap to slide effortlessly with his bars. He references pop culture, including Reginae Carter's relationship with YFN Lucci, and delivers a strong metaphor using his car's windshield.

"They didn't care when I was broke, declined every phone call/I'm tryna clear off my windshields / I see the hate so I just turn on my defrost," he raps on "Blind Nights." Much like in his other bangers, NoCap tells a dazzling story here. If there's one improvement to be made, it's that it ends a little abruptly.

"What You Know"

A track from his recent The Hood Dictionary project, 'What You Know" is another one that will get stuck in your head for months. It migh be one of the best songs that NoCap has written. He comes through with so many quotables. "NoCap, he got rich and start ignoring y'all / And my bank account look like a phone number," plays on repeat in my mind to this day. In fact, it's a pleasure to watch the lyrics slide by on the video embedded below. "

"My n***as in the pen, but I keep lead," he raps. "Fake love, real hate / I don’t know which one is worse to me," he says later, getting the listener to do some real thinking. More proof that NoCap is a master with the pen.

"Brag Different" (feat. Quando Rondo)

Much like with our previous essential track entry for "No Patience" with Polo G, this one is included almost solely because of NoCap's chemistry with Quando Rondo. It's also the second appearance that QPac makes here. The two have worked together several times as part of the Never Broke Again imprint. The 21-year-old truly shines on "Brag Different" though.

Unlike the other entries on this list, "Brag Different" is more of a typical flex anthem. NoCap and Quando Rondo rhyme about their occasional drug use, baddies, designer goods, and more. Production is handled by CashMoneyAP and Chapo for this standout from The Hood Dictionary.

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