It’s still nothing but a gangsta party for Snoop Dogg and 2Pac, otherwise known as “2 Of Amerikkka’s Most Wanted.” Those familiar with hip-hop history, specifically the legendary Death Row movement of the early nineties, understands the friendship between Snoop Dogg and the late Tupac Shakur.

Snoop Dogg Wishes 2Pac A Happy 49th Birthday
Kevin Mazur Archive/WireImage/Getty Images

While Pac was tragically murdered on September 7th of 1996, Snoop has done his part in preserving the rapper’s memory on his Instagram page. Look no further than this hilarious interview clip Snoop shared last year, in which he and Pac proceed to have a hysterical laugh during an interview. In any case, it’s clear that Pac remains on Snoop’s mind, and today the Doggfather made sure to give his late friend some love on what would have been his 49th birthday.

“Happy 49th still ain’t nutn but a Gangsta. Party,” writes Snoop, sharing a picture from the same evening the aforementioned laughing clip took place — the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, during which Pac would have been twenty-five years old. Sadly, his death would arise mere days later, effectively changing the hip-hop landscape as we’ve come to know it. Still, despite his youth, Pac made sure to leave behind countless gems, many of which arose across his legendary (and classic-filled) discography. Happy birthday 2Pac, one of the best to ever do it.