In an impressively petty move, Barstool Sports’ founder Dave Portnoy used the Instagram page of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast as a vessel to deliver an ‘emergency press conference’ video responding to Sofia Franklyn’s claims in a recent statement. For people not familiar with this mess of a situation, the two co-hosts of the Barstool Sports’ popular podcast “Call Her Daddy,” Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper, are involved in a feud regarding the rights’ of the show with the founder, Portnoy.

In Sofia’s statement, she claimed that her co-host Alexandra betrayed her while they were attempting to renegotiate their contract. The co-hosts were reportedly looking at other lucrative offers to house their “Call Her Daddy” podcast, when all of this came to light.

“I found out that Alex had gone behind my back and done something. And I found out it wasn’t the first time. And that’s why we’re here. I trusted Alex. I feel betrayed,” Sofia said in her original video.

She also claimed to own 50% of the “Call Her Daddy” brand, which Portnoy flatly denied in the video below, stating Barstool owns 100%.

Sofia’s boyfriend, HBO Sports Exec Peter Nelson, nicknamed ‘Suitman,’ was reported to have been looking for a new home for the podcast while they were still under contract with Barstool. Portnoy said in the video, “She didn’t even mention ‘Suitman.’ It felt like to me that she was just getting ready for a lawsuit … And to be honest, that’s the vibe I’ve had from her and her lawyers … for the last two weeks. Like she f–king said she was going to sue us for the ‘Call Her Daddy’ IP when she and Alex were still a team,” 

He also claimed ‘Suitman’ was controlling Sofia and that she, “lost the ‘Call Her Daddy’ battle by being an idiot and listening to bad f–king advice from bad f–king people.”

In true Barstool Sports fashion, the company has found a way to profit from the beef by selling ‘Cancel Suitman’ hoodies on their site.