LeBron James has matured as a player before our very eyes. When he started out in 2003, he was coming straight out of high school and it remained to be seen if he would live up the high expectations that were thrust upon him. Of course, that’s exactly what he did as he won countless MVPs and even three NBA championships. 

We have also come to know James as a father and today, his middle child Bryce turned 13 years old. In light of this big milestone, James took to Instagram where he wished his son a happy birthday.


Per LeBron:

“Man o man!!!! Happy Bday to my guy guy Bryce Maximus James!!! Thirteen though?!?!?! Where is the time going! You’re one of a kind young man and I’m proud to watch your continue to grow every day and I’m also proud to be your dad!! You make the whole house laugh daily by just simply being YOU!! Always know YOU is good enough and more my son. Enjoy your day as we celebrate it together as what we call the #JamesGang👑 way!”

Bryce has proven himself to be quite the basketball player in his youth, just like his brother Bronny. Perhaps in the future, we could see the two on the same team. Whether it be in high school, college, or the NBA.