Warren G Critiques Hip-Hop Culture, Snoop Dogg Responds

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Warren G and Snoop Dogg lament the good old days when rappers had loyalty, morality, and integrity.

Once a Regulator, always a Regulator -- it's no wonder that Warren G has something to say about hip-hop's current state of affairs. After all, his longtime friend and collaborator has been embroiled within an ongoing feud with the notorious Tekashi 6ix9ine, who has taken it upon himself to disrespect the legendary OG at every turn. Given that Warren and Snoop have been loyal since the days of 213, the group they formed with Nate Dogg in the early nineties, it's no wonder that the legendary producer isn't exactly pleased with the way things have been shaking out. 

Warren G Critiques Hip-Hop Culture, <a href=Snoop Dogg Responds">
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Taking to Instagram, Warren let fly a heavy critique of hip-hop culture, with the implication pointing to 6ix9ine as the catalyst. "Dam is anybody loyal these days or have morals," he writes. "Sheesh the game is baffled from the streets to business and politics." It didn't take long before Snoop came through with his own take, and in that case, it's abundantly clear what he's referring to. "Rat infested," he writes, a clear swipe at his latest foe.

Of course, it goes without saying that many of hip-hop's favored values seem to be eroding, at least in the public eye. Case in point, Tekashi 6ix9ine has since become synonymous with the cardinal sin of snitching, and he currently stands as one of the biggest rappers in the world. A far cry from the days that "Regulators" valued qualities like morality, loyalty, and integrity. Where do you stand? Is this simply a case of an old-head unwilling to adapt, or a genuine danger to hip-hop culture?

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