Masika Kalysha Calls Out Fabolous Over Lyrics: “Imma RE Chip Your Tooth”

Masika Kalysha hopped in the comments of Tory Lanez’s Live with Fabolous and issued a warning to the Brooklyn emcee.

BYErika Marie
Masika Kalysha Calls Out Fabolous Over Lyrics: “Imma RE Chip Your Tooth”

It's clear that while Tory Lanez is having a bit of fun breaking Instagram Live records with Quarantine Radio, the singer is ready for the government to open up outside once again. We all have been waiting to learn more about how this COVID-19 pandemic will subside and if there is an end in sight for the quarantine. Tory recently announced that Quarantine Radio will come to an end if bans are lifted. "LADIES & GENTLEMAN QUARANTINE RADIO WILL BE BACK FOR THE LAST 2 TIMES THIS WEEK BEFORE WE GO ON OUR 'BREAK.'" he told his followers. "(There will be no quarantine radio ALL NEXT WEEK and up until APRIL 30th)."

On Thursday (April 16), Tory returned to IG Live for his beloved social media show where he shared a screen with Fabolous. The two artists were just chatting away when model Masika Kalysha decided to give the Brooklyn rapper a piece of her mind. "Say my name one more damn time in a song on some giddy sh*t Fab and imma RE chip your tooth," Masika wrote in the comments. She later clarified that she meant to write "goofy sh*t."

Fetty Wap's baby mama didn't share which specific lyrics rubbed her the wrong way, but we're going to go out on a limb and say that Fab, Jadkiss, and Swizz Beatz's "Theme Music" was it. "Any problems, mask and the gloves (ayy) / Jason and Freddy basically ready," Fabolous rapped. "I'm like Masika and Alexis how I'm chasing the fetti / (Goddamn!) Ugh." Check out Masika Kalysha issuing her warning below.

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