According to the New York Post, the newest installment in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is causing fans to suffer from seizures.

“It lasted from 30 seconds to a minute,” said Emily Suzanne Jones, 30, who suffers from epilepsy. Jones told the Post she had to leave the theater after 30 minutes and suffered a seizure in the hallway outside of the screening.

“I recently watched the original trilogy and it didn’t remotely bother me, but this last one is particularly flashy,” she said. “I wish they had been a little smarter about it. There is so much special-effects technology to have that effect you wanted but being a little more conscious and safe about it.”

Jones was able to take her anti-seizure medication and prevent a serious incident, but she was not alone. 

Megan Wharry, 23, who also suffers from epilepsy told the Post that she struggled to make it through the film.

“I thought about [leaving the theater] but then I toughed it out. … I did get up and go to the bathroom to feel better,” she told The Post. “Do I wish I listened to my body? Yes, but I liked the movie.”

Disney has since sent a letter to theaters urging them to display a warning for fans with “epilepsy or have other photosensitivities,” before the movie.