As new reports are surfacing in regards to Carl Crawford and his recent arrest for alleged domestic violence, his ex-fiancée Evelyn Lozada has decided to come forward. Last week, the 1501 Certified Entertainment CEO was taken into custody after his ex-girlfriend reportedly told police that when she tried to break up with him, he pulled out a firearm and repeatedly bashed her head against a wall while questioning her over an alleged affair with another man.

Evelyn Lozada Denies She Ever Experienced Physical Abuse By Carl Crawford
Earl Gibson III / Stringer / Getty Images

According to reports, Carl Crawford is facing 10 years in prison for the alleged assault, and because she shares a child with the former Los Angeles Dodgers star, Evelyn Lozada felt the need to speak up. She has openly spoken up about her domestic violence incident with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, and since Crawford’s arrest, Evelyn says that people have been trying to change her narrative.

Evelyn stated emphatically that Crawford never put his hands on her, never intimidated her, and never called her out of her name. However, she also stated that she can’t speak on what anyone else has experienced with him. “I will always be empathetic to ANYONE who has experienced any form of domestic violence and in NO WAY would I ever undermine anyone else’s alleged experience. That is their story to tell,” the reality star penned in a caption to her video. “However, after numerous calls, tweets, DM’s and bloggers claiming that I’ve said that my ex-fiancé, Carl Crawford, intimidated or physically hurt me, I felt I had to speak regarding my relationship with Carl.”

“The Carl I’m hearing about lately is not the Carl I personally know. During our 4 Year engagement & while co-parenting our son, Carl has never been violent or threatening. We have a positive relationship,” Evelyn Lozada continued. “Again, I take the time to speak on this for my son, who I never want to grow up and feel as if his father hurt his mother in any way. I also do this because I won’t allow bloggers looking for clicks to manipulate MY story and take away from those women who need their true stories heard. There is NO story here and I have no additional comments.” Watch her video below.