Since retiring from Major League Baseball, Carl Crawford has turned himself into a music label CEO and he is currently the head of Houston-based 1501 Entertainment which boasts the likes of Megan Thee Stallion. According to TMZ, it was reported today that Crawford was arrested in Texas for Domestic Violence, specifically, "assault fam/house mem impede breath/circulate" which is code for choking. 

As for the details surrounding his arrest, a woman alleges she had recently broken up with Crawford and that on May 8th, they met up with each other to talk things out. That's when Crawford allegedly got violent and pulled out a gun. The former MLB star allegedly eventually unloaded the gun and grabbed her by the neck. The woman claims Crawford was interrogating her about a man she had recently been seeing and that he even threatened to hurt the man. From there, Crawford allegedly continued to send her upsetting text messages.

Carl Crawford

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Last month, Crawford experienced a tragedy at his home when a woman and a small child drowned in his pool. Following that tragic event, Crawford had issued a statement saying: "My Hearts Heavy. The tragic events that occurred at my home will be with me forever. I'm at a loss for words I've struggled all week to manage my emotions and I keep thinking of the families of those who've passed and their grief, I know they have it the hardest. They are the first and last thing I think of these days. Please keep them in your prayers, I know they will always be in mine."

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