Migos have been involved in a few altercations at shows recently, but things seem to have become more serious during their most recent appearance in DC. After getting into a scuffle with GBE’s Capo, and being hit with subsequent threats from Fredo Santana recently, the trio were allegedly jumped at their show in the nation’s capital yesterday — though it’s not clear if the two incidents are related.

According to multiple tweets from various DC locals, a brawl ensued after the ATL trio’s show in the city. When things cleared up, Quavo’s chain was allegedly stripped of him.  

Since this happened, Chief Keef briefly posted a photo of the chain to his Instagram before deleting it, while Fat Trel sent out a warning to visitors of DC, stating that rappers need to “check in” with him when they come to his territory. Once again, it’s not clear if either of the rappers have any involvement in the robbery.

You can view some of the tweets and posts related to the incident in the gallery above. Migos have yet to comment on the events.

Update: Fat Trel has since denied involvement



[Update: DC rappers claim to have chain]

Although Fat Trel denied being involved in last weekend’s chain-snatching incident, it now appears as if some rappers he’s connected with are taking credit for robbing Quavo of his chain. The Legg Team, a southeast D.C. trio that consists of Pablo, Donno and Splee, recorded an interview with Real Talk Hip Hop in which they claim to be in possession of two of Quavo’s chains, showing both of them to the camera. 

Watch the video below, and let us know if you think this is legit.