George Floyd was tragically murdered by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week and people are still rightfully angry at the injustice that was committed. Floyd was seen as a leader in his community and his death truly came as a shock to those around him. His murder led to numerous protests throughout the country that are still ongoing. In addition, the Black Lives Matter movement is stronger than ever as people around the country are uniting to fight against systemic racism.

The NBA 2k20 video game is looking to do its part to promote social justice causes as they recently gave gamers free Black Lives Matter-related gear in their MyPlayer mode. As you can see in the clip below, there are “I Can’t Breathe,” “Black Lives Matter” and “Say Their Names” t-shirts that players can put on at any time. From there, the “neighbourhood” mode even has a huge Black Lives Matter billboard which helps promote the movement that much more.

Since the passing of Floyd, numerous NBA athletes have come out in support of those protesting which just goes to show how important this moment in time is. People have had enough with police brutality and everyone is coming together to make real positive change.