We can usually count on Kanye West to rant on in situations like this. Generally, he’s not able to keep his mouth shut. The man has been a staunch supporter of Donald Trump for the last several years, even holding meetings with him at the White House. As social unrest and racial injustice hit new highs across the nation, West’s silence is being examined from all corners.

Thus far, Kanye has said absolutely nothing about what is going on in the world. Not a zip. Nada. 

People are wondering why he’s been so silent about an issue that he has spoken about in his music in the past. Others are happy that he’s decided to keep his mouth close, noting that he probably would have made things even worse. Regardless of where you stand on him, it’s worth asking: “Where is Kanye?”


Radio host Ebro Darden brought up the question this morning, asking: “And furthermore why is Kanye so quiet?”

Former NBA star Kendrick Perkins also commented on the issue, saying: “I thought Kanye West and Trump were good friends?! NOW is the time for Kanye to pull up to the White House and have a sit down with old Donald Trump. Just saying…….”

Do you think West is writing out a calculated reply or will he just remain silent for the next little while?